Sometimes it’s easy to clone the servers and update the server configurations than setting up a new server from scratch. This is indeed helpful when you need to setup a similar server with same configuration for testing purposes.

We recently did a CRM On Premise server(s) clone to setup a new test environment for performance test setup and here are the steps to follow.



  1. Take backup copies of the server(s) – If you have separate application and DB servers, clone each server.
  2. Build server(s) from the copies [ step#1]
  3. Once servers are restored from VHDs, need to do below mentioned changes in registry

APP Server Changes:

a. Access registry in this location in Application Server:


b. Configdb: change the new CRM DB server hostname

    configdb: Data Source=WIN-3IN48EOI6DS;Initial Catalog=MSCRM_CONFIG;Integrated Security=SSPI

c. ServerUrl: change to new CRM APP server hostname

    ServerUrl: http://win-3in48eoi6ds:5555/MSCRMServices

DB Changes

  1. Now connect to DB server and Sql Server Management Studio.
  2. Connect to MSCRM_CONFIG DB
Update Server table

–Update with new SERVER NAMES

update server set FULLNAME = ‘NEWAPPSERVER.Domain’ , Name = ‘NEWAPPSERVER’ where id = ”

Update Organization details

update Organization set
connectionstring = ‘Data Source=NEWDBSERVER;Initial Catalog=pocdemo_MSCRM;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=60’,
DataBaseName = ‘pocdemo_MSCRM’,
sqlserverName = ‘NEWDBSERVERNAME’
where UniqueName = ‘pocdemo’

4. Now restart IIS in Application Server

5. Access CRM Deployment manager, you should be able to see the server details updated

6. New Server url should be accessible. Done.


Please note that Microsoft doesn’t recommend to update the DB directly. Hence please do not do this in production environment.


  1. You can compare the url with whats there in the tenant from where you cloned from. For eg: if you cloned from Dev1 to Dev2. Check the server details in Dev1 and do the change in Dev2 accordingly. ideally it should be the server name and not IP. You may reach out to us through email One of us can assist you.

  2. I followed the same steps.In my case cloning of CRM DB server and reporting server is done in same server . Application in another server . where i try to open report server by default takes the same server name and when i click find its throwing unable to find.Also do let me know what will be the org URL (is it the ip address of deployment server).
    In production first ADFS login then it wil be redirected to CRM page.

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