1. When processing an RMA to Oracle Receivables, will the original price be used if the item price amount has changed?
You have only one option of pricing when doing an RMA:
Price as of current date.
2. Does Order Management (OM) and iPayment support credit card RMA’s?
OM does not support credit card RMAs right now.
3. Where and how are serial numbers entered on RMAs?
On the Sales Order form, after you have entered the header and line
information, click on the ‘Actions’ button. >From the LOV choose
‘Return Line Lot/Serial Numbers’. This will allow you to enter the Quantity and Serial Number range.
NOTE: If the RMA references sales order lines with serial numbered
items, the system will not validate the serial number selected from the LOV against those on the sales order lines
5. If an RMA is processed correctly but when it goes through the approval cycle it fails. However, the RMA does not get cancelled. You look at the notification response and it is received but the notification is closed and the OEOH item_type associated with the order has a result of ‘FAIL’ but the workflow process stops at ‘Approval Failed’ in the subprocess ‘Approve Return Order’.
The RMA will not get cancelled. This is functionality. You will have to cancel the order manually.

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