1. How can I run the RMA interface in Order management?
You cannot run the RMA Interface manually. It is an API, therefore, done in the workflow background.
2. Can we retain the same line numbering when creating an RMA for an ATO Model?
When we create the RMA all items become Standard Items and no longer retain the MODEL attributes. So it is not possible to retain the line numbers. But we retain the sequence for the lines
3. When doing a return for an ATO Model, we see in the LOV both the Top model and the newly configured item are available for return. Why?
The TOP Model Line is not shippable but has a price on it to
generate the credit. But the Configured item is shippable and
is the one which is received as a RMA in the Warehouse but it
has no price on it. So it doesn’t generate the credit. It acts as
a fulfillment (pre-condition) for issuing credit on TOP model line RMA.
4. Why is the Return Activity Form blank after a return is received?
the Additional Line Info > Return Activity will show data
for the Outbound line against which the Return is created. This screen won’t show information for a Return Line.
So query the Order/Line against which the RMA is created and go to
Additional Line Info -> Return Activity. You will see the details about the return lines for that outbound line.
When a return is created from an outgoing order, and that order is received, the receiving activity appears on the Return Activity form of the original order (the one you copied from).
5. Is it possible to receive an RMA through the API and have the
RMA progressed?
No. RMA Receipts are not supported in Receiving Open interface.
While saving through the forms in Immediate mode, certain actions are taken to update the Order Management tables which will not happen if an API is used to populate the rcv tables. This is true for Batch mode also.

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