1. What is the difference between transaction types and order cycles ?
Order cycle was used in previous releases. For release 11I, Order Management started to use Oracle Workflow to control the cycles. The name of the order cycle was replaced by transaction type. Its configuration has also changed. To see more information about it you can see the Oracle Workflow Guide release 2.5 and the Order Management User Guide.
2. Can I just set up a line transaction type or do I need to set up both an order and line transaction type?
You need to set up both, line transaction types (standard, return, etc.) and order types which are analogous to Order Entry order types. When you set up the order transaction type, you specify the default line transaction type for that order transaction type.
3. You have a new installation and there is no order types defined. In previous releases, the applications have seeded some standard order cycles.
In release 11i, there are some seeded standard order and line flows, but you still need to create the transaction types and assign them to the corresponding order or lines flows you want to use. Check the OM-TRTYPE Transaction Types – Setup document in Metalink under Technical Libraries, or check the Order
4. What is the default for Tax Event under the Finance tab if it is null?
The default is Entering.
5. Should the mass change of multiple lines on one order re-trigger credit checking and place the lines back on credit check hold?
The answer is Yes.