1. Can I do mass reservations in 11i?
Yes in OM Family Pack H or higher; the Reserve Orders concurrent program was introduced in OM Family Pack H. Please review the Oracle Order Management User’s Guide (for 11.5.8 of the product or higher) to get more detail.
2. What is new for ATP and scheduling for Release 11i?
Order Management delivers new functionality in the area of scheduling and reservations.
Sourcing rules are defined in Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
to determine from which warehouse an order should ship. A new workflow activity will be available to source lines that have not been sourced at entry.
A new Customer attribute is available to specify whether request
dates a customer sends, represent ship dates or arrival dates. Then, as orders are entered into the system, Oracle Order Management and Oracle Planning work together to determine the time in transit to calculate, the ship date given the arrival date, or the arrival date given the ship date.
Oracle Order Management now has a new feature called Auto-scheduling. This allows you to check ATP or display availability automatically, as soon as a line is entered. From the availability window, you can press a button to go to APS’s Global ATP window to view availability across the global supply chain. You can set up the system to reserve the inventory at entry, if the request date is within a user-specified window of time. If the request date is further into the future, an automatic workflow process will perform the reservation as soon as the requested ship date moves within the allocation window.
3. Can a scheduled (ATP’d) sales order line be automatically rescheduled?
Rescheduling for a sales order line is required due to an exception
somewhere within the Supply Chain.
As in past releases, a change in supply will not automatically trigger rescheduling. If some demand is scheduled against a source of supply that fails to be delivered, rescheduling will continue to be manual triggered.
4. Using Global ATP, can the sourcing rules take into account the ship-to location of the customer?
Yes, one of the factors that can be used in the scoping rules is ship-to.
5. Will ATP allow for order selection by zip code or delivery code?
For example, determine ATP based on all orders designated for shipment to the Chicago area.
What you can do to accomplish this, is to query order by ship-to location or address. After querying up the order, view all the order lines in the order organizer. Multi-select the order you would like to do ATP check.
Specify check ATP for those selected order lines. Or, you could check with the Planning team to see if there is similar functionality in the Planner Workbench.

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