1. How can one Remove an Item from a Hold Source?

There is an item that was previously setup in the Order Management
Release 11i application to go “on hold” every time an order is entered for that item. Now, it was decided that this item should no longer go on hold. How can the hold source be removed for that item?
1. Orders Organizer
2. On Find Orders form, Click the ‘Holds Information’ tab
3. Using LOV on Hold Name, select the correct Hold Name
4. Click on ‘Hold Sources’
5. Enter a Release Reason
6. Click on the ‘Release Button’.
All orders with this Hold Source (example: orders with lines on item hold)will be released from hold. In addition, this hold source will NOT be used for future orders.
2. What is the function name responsible for the Apply and Release hold function?
If trying to prevent using the Apply and Release holds actions on the Sales Order form (Apply and Release holds actions), remember that these are no longer functions and you cannot use them while defining responsibility menus.
3. Are there any parameters one could pass to the Sales Order form which would prevent the Apply and Hold actions from showing up?
The user can limit who can Apply and Remove holds by entering the
responsibility on the Define Holds form under Setup > Orders. One can group users under specific responsibilities and enable those responsibilities to only Apply or Remove the hold. Remember, one can only restrict or allow Users/Responsibilities to Apply/Release holds when defining the hold. After creating the hold, set up the authorizations block to Apply and Release holds for the responsibilities that are required to be enabled. The hold then can
only be Applied/Released by those specific responsibilities. Therefore, all responsibilities that have access to the Sales Order pad will be able to see the Apply/Release holds action but CANNOT act on any holds not assigned to their responsibility.
4. The Hold Checkbox is missing on the Sales Order Header and/or the Sales Order Line?
When a newly created sales order goes on hold, the user will not see the hold unless one navigates to the Actions / Additional Order Information button. The hold MUST be visible on the Sales Order header as well as the Sales Order line to which the hold applies (as it did in Release 10.7, 11).
To clarify one thing: In R10.7/R11.0, user would see HOLD checkbox at the order level and at the line level, and IN ADDITION, user could
press the HOLD button to see the hold details. In R11i, user can ONLY see the hold details in Additional Order Information.
5. Why doesn’t a seeded system hold name show in the LOV?
Only user defined holds are listed in the LOV. For example, since Credit Check is a system defined hold, it is not allowed to be applied