1. Will I be able to switch between the Arrival Date and Shipment Date as the basis for ATP?
Yes, this will normally default from the customer, but the you can override this on the order line.
2. If a customer requests that an order is delivered by a specific date, as opposed to shipped by a specific date, how is the lead time calculated?
Are there tables that hold typical ship lead time information?
The lead time will be calculated according to your setup in the supply chain planning sourcing rule.
3. How will the ATP Server work with multiple instances?
Based on the information about supply and demand from various
resources (can be gathered from multiple instances), the planning engine will create plans and available information. When the request is sent via an API (information request being: ‘I need this product, this quantity, on this date’), the question will be answered by the central planning server.
4. How are the quantities calculated in the autoschedule availability window?
When you turn on Autoscheduling in the Sales Order form, an availability window is displayed which shows the following fields:
Warehouse, Available, On Hand, Reservable, Request Date, Available Date,and Error Message.
The fields pertaining to quantities are calculated as follows:
For ATP items = Inventory On-Hand Quantity minus outstanding demand
For Non-ATP items = Quantity Requested on the order line
On Hand = Inventory On-Hand Quantity
Reservable = Inventory On-Hand quantity minus outstanding reservations
OM Responsibility>Orders, Returns>Order Organizer>New Order
From the menu bar, click on Tools>Auto Schedule
Inventory Responsibility>Item Supply/Demand>On Hand Availability
5. Where can I get more information about running Data Collection?
Please see the following notes: 116166.1 and 113657.1