21. Ken Fisher has several positions, including Service Representative, Service Leader, and Support Engineer. His primary position is Support Engineer. How should Ken change his position to Service Representative after he logs in?

? A. Change the default position flag in his profile

? B. Select User Administration || User Profile

? C. Select the position during the login process

? D. Select View || User Preferences || Change Position


22. Limiting data displayed in the My Service Request view to service requests assigned to the user is an example of what?

? A. Team-based access control

? B. Access based on responsibility

? C. Position-based access control

? D. Access based on User ID


24. A user’ s User ID affects which of the following?

? A. Access to data that the user created

? B. Ability to forecast opportunities

? C. Access to specific screens

? D. Access to specific views


25. Which of the following statements is true about access control?

? A. Different users with the same Responsibility may see different data on the same view

? B. View access for a Responsibility in one Organization will be different in another Organization

? C. Users see data based on Responsibility, ID, and Position

? D. Users with different view access cannot view the same data


26. Which of the following views displays data based on a user’ s position on a team and allows

all users associated with assigned positions to access the data?

? A. My View

? B. My Team’ s View

? C. All Across Organization View

? D. All View


27. When setting up your Organizational Hierarchy, why would you want to create a division

and then set the Organization Flag?

? A. Making a division an organization prevents the assignment of records that typically will be visible only to that organization

? B. Because you want to remove the Division, but create an Organization with the same name

? C. You want other organizations to have access to the data

? D. You do not want another organization to access the data


28. You would navigate to the User Administration || Employees screen to do which of the

following? Choose two.

? A. Assign the user to views

? B. Assign views to responsibilities

? C. Adjust the user’ s access to data records

? D. Determine which responsibilities are assigned to a user


29. Which access control mechanism would typically be used to ensure that Sales

Representatives in the UK have access to only UK Customer information?

? A. Position

? B. Responsibility

? C. Personal

? D. Organization


30. Which of the following is a valid relationship between Controls and Fields?

? A. One control maps to many fields

? B. Many controls map to one field

? C. Many controls map to many fields

? D. One control maps to one field