With the release of Unified Service Desk 3.3 client, analyzing the best practices within unified service desk is much easier as its included within the client installer as a  pre-builtin feature. Below are the steps to execute to check the USD best practices in your CRM organization.

PS: For USD client version below 3.3, you can still  make use of best practice analyzer tool as a stand alone setup.

Steps to Install/Setup integrated Best Practice Analyzer

  1. Install Unified Service Desk client 3.3 [ I tried to upgrade from version 2.2 to 3.3 and did not work well for me. So did uninstall v 2.2 and did a fresh install of 3.3 – Not sure its specific to my PC]


2. Create a new hosted control in  CRM [ Settings>Unified Service Desk>Hosted Controls> New]

Name Best Practice Analyzer
Display Name Best Practice Analyzer
USD Component Type USD Hosted Control
Application is Global Selected (Application is global)
Display Panel MainPanel
Application is Dynamic Yes
User Can Close Selected (Users can close)
Assembly URI Microsoft.Crm.UnifiedServiceDesk.BestPracticesAnalyser
Assembly Type Microsoft.Crm.UnifiedServiceDesk.BestPracticesAnalyser.BestPracticesAnalyserControl

3. Create a new Action Call


4. Create a new toolbar button to initiate the Best Practice Analyzer

Settings>Unified Service Desk>Toolbars > About Toolbar > Add New Button


5. Much important step – Add the Hosted control, Action Call and Toolbar [ if added newly] to the USD Configuration.

Settings>Unified Service Desk> Configuration > Open the Configuration and add components


Lets Launch USD client:

  1. Launch the USD client and the new button is now available on the USD – About Toolbar


2. Click on the button [Best Practice Analyzer]. This will launch the Best Practice Analyzer hosted control.

3. Click on the button [Start Analysis]. System would start the checks now.

4. Once the checks are completed, Analyzer would return the result with the score and possible improvement actions


5. Improvement actions are much detailed in the result and are much helpful.

A sample action item:



This is a clear sign of putting lot of effort in improving the usability of Unified Service Desk by Microsoft and we can expect more features in the upcoming version 4.0.


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