1. If Order Cycles no longer exist, how does an user associate a hold with the order life cycle?
Order Cycles are replaced by Workflow. Holds are implemented much the same way as in Release 10 and 11, except they are associated with workflowactivities instead of cycle actions.
2. How does workflow handle holds?
When seeded workflow functional activities that honor holds, come across generic or activity specific holds, they will complete with a ‘On Hold’ result. They are then transitioned back, either to an eligibility activity or a wait activity.
(e.g. when booking crosses a hold, it transitions back to ‘Book – Eligible’)
(e.g. when Invoice Interface Line crosses a hold, it transitions to a wait activity)
The Ship-Line activity is an exception to this, it remains in a notified state.
3. Does Order Management include an “order release dating” capability, which would allow an user to set a pre-defined hold period (or input a date),which upon expiration it would automatically release the hold?
Yes, Order Management still provides time dated holds. When a user defines a hold source, one can specify a ‘Hold Until’ date. Also, when applying a ‘One-off’ hold to a specific order from the Sales Order form, one can specify the ‘Hold Until’ date as well. There is a new concurrent job (Release Expired Holds) that should be scheduled to run nightly (or however often) that will release holds that have a ‘Hold Until’ date that has expired.
4. Why doesn’t a newly created hold appear in the List of Values (LOV) when trying to apply or remove the hold?
When a new hold with NO responsibility to Apply and Remove the hold has been created, then any responsibility can Apply and Remove the hold. However, if the newly created hold is assigned a responsibility to one of the functions, this does not mean any responsibility can perform the corresponding function.
Create hold – Management Review
Assign Order Management Super User the ability to Apply the hold.
Result: Order Management Super User can Apply the hold, but no one can Remove the hold.
Create hold – Management Review
Assign Order Management Super User the ability to Remove the hold.
Result: No one can Apply the hold and only Order Management Super User can Remove the hold.
Thus, if assigning a responsibility to Apply a hold, the user will
need to create a corresponding entry with a responsibility to Remove the hold. If assigning a responsibilty to Remove a hold, a corresponding entry with a responsibility to Apply the hold will need to be created.
5. How can one view holds for an order or line in Order Management
Release 11i application?
1. Orders Organizer
2. Query for an order number on the Main tab
3. Click on Actions button
4. Click on Additional Line Information, or Additional Header Information (depending on if it is line or order hold).
5. Click on Holds tab
All lines/orders will show the Hold Source history here.
Hold Comments/Release Comments are shown here too.

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